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Amader Kotha

02 Dec 2022

Unveiling of Kobita Club

Started early in December 2011 as a concept of writing poetry , with friends adding on lines, , one after the other. It was an instant hit with friends ; writing, posting and sharing their lines from various parts of the world.
And on January 3rd, 2012, Surojit O Bondhura Kobita Club,a page was formed to have a connecting link with friends, who enjoyed writing, reading and creating poetry.Owingto the tremendous response , support and encouragement of friends, we thought to create an online archive to preserve poems created every day by our friends around the world. The idea brought to you which is unique of its kind where anyone can register and write their own poems and that will get archived instant. Lets share, nurture and implement the idea, and pave a way for the growth of this community and create the LARGEST online archive of poem and poets.

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কবিতাক্লাব ডট কম

এই তো সেদিন, ফেসবুকের পেজে লিখলাম একটা লাইন , “আর ভাল্লাগেনা তোমায় ছাড়া।”বন্ধুদের বললাম, সবাই মিলে কবিতা লিখলে কেমন হয়? হঠাৎ দেখি , চার পাতার একটা কবিতা তৈরি হলো, একেবারে চোখের সামনে, সব বন্ধুদের লেখা, মিলিয়ে মিলিয়ে।

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